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New tourist cities

Porto Marina

Integrated city, with all the imagination and what you need away from Cairo with only 230 km, and Alexandria, with 100 kilometers
City at Sharm el-Sheikh and more .. But this time the Mediterranean Sea
- Port was built yachts of more than 1400 yachts .. It is the first marina in Africa - has been building a full water park
- Funded by the shops to international brands and many Alkaverat - hotels with more than 10 thousand rooms - by 5 hospitals for medical tourism is overseen by months of medical centers world - a special school for diving (Diving) and the trainers from Switzerland - golf courses and tennis courts .. And playgrounds for children from age 4 to 12 years
Porto Marina is the highlights of the success of tourism investment in Egypt and capabilities available in Egypt to achieve such a wonderful project

Egyptian government and the facilities provided for investment in tourism

Tourism investment opportunities should not be missed
The Egyptian government encouraged and facilitated tourism projects such as: Incentives are offered to investors including the sale of land at $1 per square meter in designated tourism zones
This has resulted in a major expansion of tourism facilities.
Red sea "Rivera" idea was one of fruits of the progress in the Middle East peace process.
In a country like Egypt, there are magnificent tourism sources to attract all kinds of tourists from around the world.
Egypt's history and civilization are marketing tools to draw more tourists to the country.
Given incentives and tax
Over the past years the Egyptian government has carried out giant projects to serve the tourism industry, some of them are the following:
Completion of the Omar Al—Khayyam Hotel on an area of about 21 acres in Arish and the annex of the Cairo Sheraton Hotel in Cairo.
Completing the construction of the Cairo International conference center.
The renovation and replacement of a considerable number of already existing hotels
The building of several tourist villages in collaboration with the private sector.
The launching of an active promotional media campaign for encouraging tourists to visit Egypt and the private sector to invest in the tourism industry.
With all the facilities offered the opportunity to invest in tourism in Egypt do not have a chance for any investor to be missed

Oases of Egypt and medical tourism

Palm in the bosom of the desert
 Egypt's oases charming: the enjoyment of tourism safari nature of the desert, mountains and springs, groundwater sulfate and hot sand dunes that address diseases of rheumatic and skin and psoriasis imaginary journey in the new nature, enjoy, and you see the nomads and how they live. The most important oases at both the Egyptian and the global 
Siwa Oasis is famous for its lakes and small eyes that vary the degree of sweetness of its waters, and are linked by the city of Marsa Matruh Salloum and desert roads paved, and he called the Pharaohs "Oasis of Amun"
The mountain of the dead of the most important tourist attractions in the oasis of Siwa
Siwa Oasis: Oasis is very rich implications of the Pharaonic and Romanian as well as rich in agriculture and cultivation of date palms in general, as there are more than 500 thousand palm trees, dates fantastic. A great white water and is also characterized by the cultivation of wheat
As investors deemed the Siwa Oasis of the most attractive places for them and because of the multiplicity aspects of investment by the agricultural, tourism and other

Tourism in the desert

Adventure Tourism
 Attract desert tourism in Egypt, Arab and foreign tourists coming to the Egyptian deserts in search of the secrets of the desert and adventure, some for hunting
This type of tourism has a special attraction for nature lovers in reserves and outside and untouched from the purity of uncompromising beauty and treasures of geological formations wonderful geographic, and fossils record age in history and tells the biography of the life that became extinct in the past decade millions of years ago, and Troy for forests that ceased to exist and rivers dried up and the seas which subsided before the modern history. The formations of mountains, valleys, and the movement of sand warbers attraction to tourists, also see birds and wildlife attract the attention of a large segment of visitors to the reflected in the value of the high scientific and tourism.
Deserts of Egypt has long history at the international and national levels, since the Stone Age and folk returned and the Pharaohs, the Persians and Alexander the Great and the Second World War campaigns and battles of modern warfare. And is a bastion of religion and the path of the Holy Family and corridors of the pilgrims.
Abound in the Egyptian desert, a lot of minerals, mining and fossils of dinosaurs, whales, and oases unique and heavy springs and their communities of origin and heritage of ancient and traditional products, and registered by the effects of their lives and their plants and animals and birds.
So was the desert of tourism that brings the most important of tourism investment and private investment in transport

Arab tourists

Arab tourists arrivals to Egypt

The Arabs represent the primary source of Egyptian tourism in the seventies and they are the second source in the decades of eighties and nineties and occupied the Europeans first place instead of them, then the other nationalities in third place, while a U.S. fourth biggest exporter of Egyptian tourism, and tourists flock to the Saudis at the forefront of Arab tourists arrivals to Egypt, Tourists Arab puts Egypt on the list of tourist destinations to him, as Egypt's tourist destination of all, Egypt for the Arab tourists closest and most important tourist areas nearby, this proximity gives the Arabs a lot of time, effort, money and it is easier to move with his family, and enjoy the Arab tourism in Egypt is so have made tourism investment in Egypt was growing to a high degree to satisfy the enormous needs, what the investor in tourism, but to come to collect their profits

Alexandria fragrance of history and modernity

Alexandria bride of the Mediterranean and the capital of Arab tourism 2010
Alexandria blends between the Romanian and Christian civilization and there are many features of Greek
Alexandria is famous for its beautiful beaches along the length of the city and the picturesque sea views of every inch in Alexandria very special The best way to see Alexandria to wander aimlessly.
One of the main shortcomings Palace Park was established by the Turkish style, and there are gardens, waterfalls, picnic parks located near the zoo and the gardens of Alexandria and all Ontoniades beautiful places you visit in the afternoon.
There is this old theater in Kom Deka due date of its construction of the second century AD
Anfoushy graves graves is due to the year 250 BC, these graves to imagine the daily life of the Egyptian gods, was decorated with marble and marble
Bey Citadel, Castle Grand Design
Alkatakomb and a tomb for the pharaohs of ancient comes on three levels, set up in the second century BC and includes statues angels Subic and Anubis, who are dressed in Roman armor
Museum of Greek and Roman
The museum covers a long period of time Taatmtd of the third century BC to the seventh century AD
Royal Jewelry Museum
Museum simple Gilliam and museum contains a collection of personal jewelry of Muhammad Ali Pasha
And resides in Alexandria tourists throughout the year and requires the presence of this provision of many services, in which everyone will present them in the form of multiple investments profitable for all shapes

The most beautiful diving areas in the world

Red Sea Governorate
By a group of the finest cities tourism in Egypt are weather moderate in most seasons of the year so is the medical tourism the most important distinctive in Egypt, is also a hotel investment at the highest international standards, which also offers restaurants as containing all the international cuisines, particularly marine, no region comparable to other world where the Red Sea diving. The beauty of water and colorful fish and coral reefs are not described but must be tested, also includes the Red Sea governorate to the unique effects of the Pharaonic times, Romanian, Islamic, and there are also a number of nature reserves charismatic, and also characterized by staying in the desert that attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy the adventure unique in the depth of the desert, so it is one of the most important areas of investment in Egypt

The great Nile

Egypt is the gift of the Nile and the Egyptians

 Longest river in the world amounts to 6.695 km long

Described as a fresher waters of the Nile water in the world who would even drink it once must return to Egypt again. Has been proven this statement true so keen a number of restaurants to set up positions on one side of the river as well as ships and floating restaurants, which takes you on a journey takes two hours on the pages of the Nile River with the preparation of the bends of meals to choose from what you want and the program entertaining medley after hard day's work or during your tour of tourist attractions in Cairo, which has long stretches your confusion between the type of trip Nile that want to enjoy them, there are several types of restaurants, fixed (non-animated) built on the Nile, there are ships that take you on a trip lunch or dinner for two hours and there is a small vehicle or the so-called «felucca» in the barge You determine the time.
 There are as many of the mega project, held on the banks of the Nile, to meet the wishes of the vast numbers of tourists who flock daily for tours through the great Nile, there are cruise ships and large hotels that offer the best services to their tourists so as Last of the Nile exist tourism and investment opportunities


Tourism in SharmelSheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh Jewel of Sinai
Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world
This city was built in 1968 and developed rapidly
  itis The main centers of diving in the world
Naama Bay
Located in the heart of Sharm el-Sheikh .. There you'll find all the nationalities of the world in large numbers
Walk with them and be on their part shops, cafes and restaurants
- Glass boat or the Glass Boat: It is a submarine under the sea .. The bottom of the glass to be able to see fish and colorful coral is in the bottom
Tiran Island: It is a wonderful journey on the back of a yacht .. Take you to an island near Sharm el-Sheikh called the island of Tiran, and you'll see a sunken Russian ship Gordon Reef, during this trip depends yacht most of the time at sea to allow the passengers to swim or work
Snorkelling Ras Mohammed: the most beautiful natural area in the world according to the classification of some foreign magazines .. Contains the most beautiful coral reefs .. And marine creatures dating back more than 20 million years
Shopping malls in Sharm el-Sheikh: the most famous mall in Sharm el-Sheikh .. Is (Almirkatu) ..
Old Market: It is a market for the sale of the basic things and not entertainment .. Such as fruits and vegetables ....etc
In addition to all this Fsharm Sheikh full of wonderful restaurants and different restaurant, such as JD, Mojo Restaurant, Peking Restaurant
Restaurant and Café (Walker and other lots and lots
For that window of opportunity for investment in such a place does not cut off tourists from visiting one of the excellent opportunities

Aswan third of the monument of the world
Aswan is located on the east bank of the Nile at a distance of 899 km south of Cairo is a link between Egypt and Sudan, this is the gateway to the heart of the African continent, making it the trade center important.
Elephantine Island:
One of the strongest forts on the border of southern Egypt and is now versus Hotel "Cataract" was Mabboudha god "Khnum" is on the shape of a ram and the best brother, the tourist can see for yourself and roam the island before it starts with a visit temples and the museum.
Island Ojileka:
Is home to the Temple of Philae and the effects-soaked waters of the Nile has been decoding the Temple of Philae and re-assembled on the island, which lies 500 meters from the site of Philae
Amoun Island:
A small island held by the tourist hotel
Tombs of the nobles:
The rock tombs are located on the West Bank, Aswan and the tombs of the rulers was the city of Elephantine Aswan and is carved in the rock and sand back to ancient times and the graves of historic importance place in the top of the cemeteries in Upper Egypt and the tombs of their importance (Mejo and Sabiny)
Located south of Aswan and the Aswan High Dam was a group transfer to the island temples of high level of water transport within the projects was to save the monuments of Nubia.
Because of the name of the elephants or Philae to the Greek language, which means (beloved) or (granules) The Arabic name to her that he (Anas exist) because of the presence in Anas legend story of the Thousand and One Nights. The name of the ancient Egyptian and Coptic is (Bilak) and Bilak and means to reduce or end because it was the last border of Egypt in the south.
And inventory of archaeological monuments of those cities temptress needs of many books and not a single blog
And the large numbers arriving in the city needed a day of many of the services of transportation of all kinds, road, river and air, hotels and cafes, which investors prefer to put their money because of their remarkable profits


Luxor Lure of the East 
 . Luxor is the starting point of some of Egypt's most impressive archaeological sights. These include the Temple of Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings and Queens
Travel to Luxor and you will know why it is one of Egypt's great tourist attractions. It is also commonly known as the world's largest open air museum
. Luxor Temple situated in the center of town, was built by the New Kingdom Pharaoh Amenophis III
The Mummification Museum has everything you've ever wanted to know about mummies and the process of mummification. Who knew that reptiles, birds as well as humans were mummified
North of Luxor city are the spectacular Temples of Karnak. In ancient times, , 'The most select of places'. The temple complex of Karnak was built over a time period of 1500 years and was the most important place of worship in ancient Egypt. The site is huge, measuring 1500 x 800 meters, and is a spectacular complex of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks, all dedicated to the Theban gods. It is thought to be the largest surviving religious complex in the world. If you don't have the energy to cover all that ground then don't miss the Hypostile Hall in the Great Temple of Amun. There are several performances of the sound and light show a night with mixed reviews,
Ancient Thebes (West Bank)
Crossing the Nile to the West of the city of Luxor lies the necropolis of ancient Thebes. Because there is so much to see and so much ground to cover, guided tours usually enter 3 tombs at the major archaelogical site.
The Valley of the Kings:
This is where the pharaoh's were buried and hoped to meet their Gods in the afterlife. Tutankhamun's tomb discovered in the 1918s would have yielded riches unsurpassed to the impressive haul found in King Tut's burial ground.
The Valley of the Queens:
The Valley of the Queens lies at the southern end of the necropolis. This is where the queens and their children were interred.
The Colossi of Memnon:
Two giant statues make up the Colossi of Memnon. Most visitors get a glimpse of them on their way to the Valley of the Kings but it is worth a stop to see them up close
There are many aspects of investment in this picturesque town to serve the massive numbers of tourists abound in the markets that are sold by the antiques which tells the story of ancient Egyptian history

Islamic monuments in Egypt

Tourism mosques in Egypt
Egypt has a total of one of the finest mosques in the world is the country of a thousand minarets, visiting the mosques in Egypt, tells visitors to the grand history of Egyptian Civilization Islamic various phases of Egypt

And passes alleged that mosques, thousands of tourists every day eager to see what the patterns of Arts and Islamic wonderful unmatched anywhere else for that massage is the most important tourist attractions in Egypt

Worth exploring for its warren like streets and bazaars, Islamic Cairo is where you'll get to see many mosques, the Citadel and the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar(see shopping). The major mosques worth visiting include the Mosque of Mohammed Ali (named after a 19th century ruler, not the boxer). The Ibn Tulun is one of the largest mosques in the world and the Al-Azhar mosque houses the oldest university in the world (from 970AD). TourEgypt has a very detailed article about Islamic Cairo's many sights as well as an informative feature on ancient mosques. Islmaic Cairo makes my list of Top Ten Attractions in Egypt


Egyption museum

Ancient Egyptian monuments the most rare at all

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the first stops on most people's itineraries when traveling to Egypt. With over 120,000 artifacts, the museum houses an incredible display depicting ancient Egypt's glorious reign. You can enjoy mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery and of course King Tutankhamen's treasures. King Tut's goodies include his socks, underwear and the boy-king's death-mask made of solid gold, described as the most beautiful object ever made

.Egyptian Museum tells the history passed it thousands of years to a great people is not impossible

It also contains the secrets of the human mind can not identify them until the present time in spite of research that has been so many objects that are inside

Once you enter this place is great extent of the greatness of this people already, and the supernatural ability to do the most difficult things

The story of the Pharaohs great mystery of the jaw is difficult despite all the technology that surround him

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Egypt

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Egypt
pyramids the oldest wonderland on the face of the earth
Cairo is an all-out assault on the senses. Known as the 'Mother of the World', this vibrant,magic city is home to more than 16 million Egyptians, Arabs, Africans and sundry others. Noisy, and totally unpredictable
, Cairo's historic buildings is more than wonderful

the city is very tourist-friend

take a tour to get beneath the skin of this manmade wonder. While the Giza Pyramids are right on Cairo's doorstep, the city is also a great base for excursions to destinations further afield like Memphis or Alexandria, or why not customize your own private tour
YourStep back in time to the days of ancient Egypt on a private tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx and the former capital, Memphis
. a fascinating introduction to each of the three pyramids: Cheops, Khafre and Menakaure
Sakkara is, home of Egypt's oldest pyramid, built in 2650 B.C, the necropolis of Sakkara
Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. Here you will see artifacts from many of the great rulers of Egypt, including the fallen statue of Ramses II. You will also have the chance to visit a Papyrus Institute to see how the famous artwork is made

Having reviewed the most important information together in crisis of investment in tourism in Egypt We hope that you will have benefited from such information to the extent expected, and the magic of tourism has already provided you