Investment in
the tourism sector in Egypt, one of the most profitable
investments and this investment in order to be successful
Would have to come to the crisis and we have information which they can
establish successful investment projects
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establish a successful tourism project and integrated
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Al Fayoum the quiet city

 the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, where God-given many of the ingredients that make it a tourist site for many tourists throughout the year, so the investment is a great opportunity for investors interested in profit-making AlFayoum bring in tourists from all over
And is the biggest proof that it is a tourist attraction, and multiple desires of tourists, which made a real investment opportunities to meet the desires of the growing

Located in the heart of Egypt, south west of Cairo, a distance of 100 km, one of the oases in the Western desert, is a microcosm of Egypt,Al Fayoum, combined the attractions and features moderate weather throughout the year. And multiplied by the ancient civilizations and by many of the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Romanian, Coptic and Islamic, and the most prominent features ofAl Fayoum, which is an attraction mainly for tourism Lake Karun, which lies 20 km from the city ofAl Fayoum, 80 km from Cairo and allowed the practice of water sports and fishing, hunting birds, located on the south coast range of facilities and very beautiful tourist villages
Al Fayoum Similar to the Oasis, where the desert is surrounded on all sides except the point of contact with the Nile. the desert representing 62% of its area is rich in flora , formations of geological , mountains , desert , eyes natural , birds , animals rare wildlife, has announced the desert north of Lake Qarun nature reserves due to its content of environmental, natural and
multiple forms of tourism in Al Fayoum likeTourism Desert , Tourism safaris to sports tourism and medical tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism by visiting the excavation sites of old
In pre-human and pre-history and ancient Egyptian, Greek and Romanian region

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