Investment in
the tourism sector in Egypt, one of the most profitable
investments and this investment in order to be successful
Would have to come to the crisis and we have information which they can
establish successful investment projects
Here is a code magic of Tourism offers you all the information needed to
establish a successful tourism project and integrated
And without the fatigue of travel fare and travel information to be provided by
the information documented and can be easily verified
Let us know the contents

investment at entertaining cities in egypt

A different form of tourism investment in Egypt

Investing in tourism in this area of significant investments in that tourism here is not limited to tourists from outside Egypt, but from inside Egypt as well, as l Egyptians arrival to those places is increasing the size of large and there are many successful models too, which made huge profits by investing in this important tourism sector
6th of October City
"Dream Park"
Is one of the most famous nightclubs, and the largest of which was held over a wide area and put the investments of millions of dollars have been reflected in the diversity and regeneration for game.
"Magic Land"
A city park belonging to the Media Production City so it will be open to the world of art has been offset by visitors heroes and stars a work of art in addition to games where there are shows of the dolphins.
Heliopolis and Nasr City
"Aqua Park"
On the road to Cairo - Ismailia
"Amusement Jirolland"
Located on the road to Ismailia
Is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world was established in 1890 on an area of 80 acres and includes a huge collection of animals and birds as well as rare species of plants and trees and located in a distinct area of Giza near the Cairo University.
"Pharaonic Village "
Located in the city of Giza, has an area of up to 32 acres and the most important distinguishing it looks like a piece of history of ancient Egypt, where wearing all staff uniforms Pharaonic also displays all the activities practiced by the ancient Egyptians and visitors can leisurely cruise in the heart of the Nile


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