Investment in
the tourism sector in Egypt, one of the most profitable
investments and this investment in order to be successful
Would have to come to the crisis and we have information which they can
establish successful investment projects
Here is a code magic of Tourism offers you all the information needed to
establish a successful tourism project and integrated
And without the fatigue of travel fare and travel information to be provided by
the information documented and can be easily verified
Let us know the contents

Coral reefs, which is unprecedented

Ras Mohammed

Located at the confluence of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the southern part of Sinai, about 12 km from Sharm el-Sheikh and include examples of the most important geological features in the Sinai, which is considered the most beautiful diving areas in the world to the existence of fossils are due to 75 000 in addition to the richness of coral reefs and wildlife. has been converted into Ras Mohammed to the natural reserve
After reviewing the most important characteristic of the area of Ras Mohammed, Tourist Attractions we must call on all investors who wish to make profits to invest in this remarkable region, which flock to the tourists from everywhere to enjoy the magic climate and who are in constant need of the wishes must be achieved through investment in the field of tourism

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