Investment in
the tourism sector in Egypt, one of the most profitable
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establish a successful tourism project and integrated
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Dahab and the magic of golden beaches


It was so named due to the analogy of the Bedouin sand glittering in the sun with gold, which is located about 100 kilometers northwest of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is one of the most beautiful spots Sinai suitable for diving.
Dahab is famous golden beaches and sites amazing fit for diving, such as the "Blue Hole" Blue Hole and the "canyon" Canyon and the "Lighthouse" Lighthouse. And the region is divided into two parts, the center where there are tourists major hotels, and the village of authentic Bedouin find tourists attractive because of the restaurants the many cheap and domicile.
With all those advantages enjoyed by the tourist town of Dahab , investor should be quite sure he will bring huge profits from investing in that magical spot

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