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Water skiing and riding speed boats in Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna

The nearest beach to Cairo, the town by 140 kilometers, has made it a weather moderate and the nature of witch the best areas for vacations and holidays in summer and winter, and extends for a distance of 80 km on the Red Sea coast which is characterized by unspoiled magnificent waters with colorful multi-collections of fish enormous and its marine environment rich, sand white soft beaches Sorceress . And intervening rocky hills of geological formations are rare.
In Al Ain Sukhna find love the beaches and water sports what they are looking waterskiing and riding speed boats and fishing trips marine and a lot of hobbies and activities available in the region. Featuring components of nature in the Ain Sukhna special charm and fascination, and a mountain a hill and Majesty of marine and others with valleys, a key element in the ingredients to attract tourists, visitors to local and foreigners who reside for long periods of time to enjoy beautiful climate, which made the investment in it like something we must take attention large

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