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investment at entertaining cities in egypt

A different form of tourism investment in Egypt

Investing in tourism in this area of significant investments in that tourism here is not limited to tourists from outside Egypt, but from inside Egypt as well, as l Egyptians arrival to those places is increasing the size of large and there are many successful models too, which made huge profits by investing in this important tourism sector
6th of October City
"Dream Park"
Is one of the most famous nightclubs, and the largest of which was held over a wide area and put the investments of millions of dollars have been reflected in the diversity and regeneration for game.
"Magic Land"
A city park belonging to the Media Production City so it will be open to the world of art has been offset by visitors heroes and stars a work of art in addition to games where there are shows of the dolphins.
Heliopolis and Nasr City
"Aqua Park"
On the road to Cairo - Ismailia
"Amusement Jirolland"
Located on the road to Ismailia
Is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world was established in 1890 on an area of 80 acres and includes a huge collection of animals and birds as well as rare species of plants and trees and located in a distinct area of Giza near the Cairo University.
"Pharaonic Village "
Located in the city of Giza, has an area of up to 32 acres and the most important distinguishing it looks like a piece of history of ancient Egypt, where wearing all staff uniforms Pharaonic also displays all the activities practiced by the ancient Egyptians and visitors can leisurely cruise in the heart of the Nile


Water skiing and riding speed boats in Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna

The nearest beach to Cairo, the town by 140 kilometers, has made it a weather moderate and the nature of witch the best areas for vacations and holidays in summer and winter, and extends for a distance of 80 km on the Red Sea coast which is characterized by unspoiled magnificent waters with colorful multi-collections of fish enormous and its marine environment rich, sand white soft beaches Sorceress . And intervening rocky hills of geological formations are rare.
In Al Ain Sukhna find love the beaches and water sports what they are looking waterskiing and riding speed boats and fishing trips marine and a lot of hobbies and activities available in the region. Featuring components of nature in the Ain Sukhna special charm and fascination, and a mountain a hill and Majesty of marine and others with valleys, a key element in the ingredients to attract tourists, visitors to local and foreigners who reside for long periods of time to enjoy beautiful climate, which made the investment in it like something we must take attention large

Al Fayoum the quiet city

 the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, where God-given many of the ingredients that make it a tourist site for many tourists throughout the year, so the investment is a great opportunity for investors interested in profit-making AlFayoum bring in tourists from all over
And is the biggest proof that it is a tourist attraction, and multiple desires of tourists, which made a real investment opportunities to meet the desires of the growing

Located in the heart of Egypt, south west of Cairo, a distance of 100 km, one of the oases in the Western desert, is a microcosm of Egypt,Al Fayoum, combined the attractions and features moderate weather throughout the year. And multiplied by the ancient civilizations and by many of the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Romanian, Coptic and Islamic, and the most prominent features ofAl Fayoum, which is an attraction mainly for tourism Lake Karun, which lies 20 km from the city ofAl Fayoum, 80 km from Cairo and allowed the practice of water sports and fishing, hunting birds, located on the south coast range of facilities and very beautiful tourist villages
Al Fayoum Similar to the Oasis, where the desert is surrounded on all sides except the point of contact with the Nile. the desert representing 62% of its area is rich in flora , formations of geological , mountains , desert , eyes natural , birds , animals rare wildlife, has announced the desert north of Lake Qarun nature reserves due to its content of environmental, natural and
multiple forms of tourism in Al Fayoum likeTourism Desert , Tourism safaris to sports tourism and medical tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism by visiting the excavation sites of old
In pre-human and pre-history and ancient Egyptian, Greek and Romanian region

Dahab and the magic of golden beaches


It was so named due to the analogy of the Bedouin sand glittering in the sun with gold, which is located about 100 kilometers northwest of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is one of the most beautiful spots Sinai suitable for diving.
Dahab is famous golden beaches and sites amazing fit for diving, such as the "Blue Hole" Blue Hole and the "canyon" Canyon and the "Lighthouse" Lighthouse. And the region is divided into two parts, the center where there are tourists major hotels, and the village of authentic Bedouin find tourists attractive because of the restaurants the many cheap and domicile.
With all those advantages enjoyed by the tourist town of Dahab , investor should be quite sure he will bring huge profits from investing in that magical spot

Nuweiba sea and desert

Nuweiba embraces most of the Sea and the many places to practice sports desert, camel rides and safaris, diving. Nuweiba is located 85 km north of Dahab, between the Gulf of Aqaba and the desert mountains,
This small resort is famous for wonderful beaches
 This is in addition to the availability of vast areas of arable land for investment in tourism in the Sinai and submitted at good  prices, and by which they can meet the needs of huge numbers of tourists visit the Sinai, which is also an investor can make huge profits from  investment in the tourism sector

Coral reefs, which is unprecedented

Ras Mohammed

Located at the confluence of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the southern part of Sinai, about 12 km from Sharm el-Sheikh and include examples of the most important geological features in the Sinai, which is considered the most beautiful diving areas in the world to the existence of fossils are due to 75 000 in addition to the richness of coral reefs and wildlife. has been converted into Ras Mohammed to the natural reserve
After reviewing the most important characteristic of the area of Ras Mohammed, Tourist Attractions we must call on all investors who wish to make profits to invest in this remarkable region, which flock to the tourists from everywhere to enjoy the magic climate and who are in constant need of the wishes must be achieved through investment in the field of tourism

Transport networks, tourism in Egypt

Tourism Transport

Monuments and nature just is not enough to boost tourism without the existence of a policy infrastructure to facilitate tourists to stay in the country in question and the particular network of communications that facilitate the movement of tourists in this country, or of the country abroad and vice versa, here is develop a network of land transport, sea and air, through the development of roads and building many new roads and tie the major cities villages, tourist, has been the development of the airport and vital facilities related to it, with the organization of trips through the airlines, as well as the movement of marine through the organization of ports, and all that, wanting to facilitate the movement of tourists, which is the key to activate the tourism sector, which Activated Big thanks to the massive developments in transportation
The most important implications of this tremendous development in the transport and communications network is
The ability of investors in the tourism sector to achieve the highest possible profit from this development
And attract more investments in the tourism sector, which he had the basic elements of growth and success
Therefore, the investor is assured that when he has the desire to invest in the tourism sector in Egypt


Having reviewed the most important information together in crisis of investment in tourism in Egypt We hope that you will have benefited from such information to the extent expected, and the magic of tourism has already provided you